Starting or changing into a new career is an important life decision. Top that with starting a whole new life in another country, and you have got yourself a ticking explosion of consequences waiting to happen if you don't make the right choices.

As a foreigner, its a bit more of a challenge than just to fill out a couple of job applications, walk into an interview and there you have a job. There are many other factors that come into play before you decide on a job possibility. On the australian front, here are a few things you could consider doing before you take the plunge.

Do some basic research:

No matter how far along you are on your tech job search, research provides a deeper understanding of the market. But especially as a foreigner, it pays a great deal to know what you might be getting your foot into. So before you dive in, maybe explore some current tech trends in Australia or involve in volunteer projects that could help you understand the Australian tech landscape.

Australia’s tech landscape is ever-growing. Just by how much? Well, the country is home to 25 million people as of November 2020. Almost one million out of that population is currently employed within the tech industry.

According to AlphaBeta’s report, the tech sector contributes around $122b which makes for 6.6% GDP of the country. If it catches up to global leaders like the US, it has a potential of $207b contribution to GDP.

Find out what tech roles are in demand:

With the changing dynamic of work amidst the pandemic, many jobs were lost. The tech sector has had to facilitate new dynamics like working from home and has seen steady growth in job demand. So, few areas are ranking high to be the top tech roles that will dominate in 2021 and the coming years. Some of them are:


Ever-evolving security threats have positioned the government to increase cybersecurity in 2020. To support this, Australian Minister for Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, released a paper in 2019 asking for opinion and feedback to replace its 2016 strategy. It would likely be investing $1.35b in the coming years towards this direction.

This can catapult the number of jobs for cybersecurity in the near future.

Artificial Intelligence :

This is one area that has been continuously thriving. According to a report from Australian council of Learned Academes(ACOLA), industrial automation is going to significantly increase the use of AI over the next few years.

As a tech job seeker, you will need to be proactive in acquiring these skills to keep yourself relevant to such in-demand jobs in the market.

Internet of Things (IOT):

ACOLA's recent report on Internet of Things also stresses the need to utilize opportunities to improve the quality of life in Australian cities by considering a national approach on IOT.

As digitization is only going to increase in the next decade, this report shows the possibility of overcoming challenges through IOT as well as testing new IOT applications.

Cloud computing:

According to Gartner, an industry analyst firm, cloud-based tech and services rank as one of the top tech trends that will dominate 2021. It says that “ Distributed cloud is the future of cloud” and that trends of companies being able to operate from anywhere will follow in coming years.

These are few areas where investment is currently high and so will be the demand for skilled professionals. You can choose one such preferred area of work and start updating or building your skillset in that direction. It will help keep yourself relevant and in demand in the tech market.

Where are the popular tech companies in Australia located?

When it comes to popular cities in terms of tech job opportunities, Sydney seems to be the winner. It is a city that has world recognition, hosts tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Some of the top tech companies of Australia like Atlassian, Canva are also located here.

However, Melbourne is coming up as a new favorite among many tech startups as this city offers a more affordable cost of living. According to a report called Tech cities in Motion, Melbourne was voted one of the best places for new tech startups in 2019. It hosts growing tech companies like Slack, Eventbrite, and major companies like SEEK.

Other cities like Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Adelaide, and Canberra may also be suitable for you depending upon your preferences such as family-friendly places, countryside, affordable housing, etc, besides good job opportunities. You can check out some of the best places to live in Australia here.

Visa regulations:

The Australian Government provides several options for foreigners who want to live and work in Australia. For reliable information, you can visit which is the official site for the Australian Government’s dept of home affairs. The Australian home affairs website provides a list of visas that you can choose from based on your eligibility and govt requirements. You can see the list here.

English Language Requirements:

One of the basic requirements is that you score well on English language tests such as the IELTS, which judges your proficiency in the English language. This will be an additional point that works for your benefit as an ideal visa candidate.

Applying for Jobs:

You can start applying for jobs directly from the company website, through social media, vacancy ad or maybe a referral. You can also use recruiting agencies, job portals or online services that help you through this process.

One tip that could be handy is if you learn to keep track of your job applications, your updates, and other company information by recording it in a single document or excel sheet. It helps you to stay organized while keeping the throttle on for your job hunt.

At autechjobs we provide a hassle-free job search experience if you are looking for tech jobs in Australia. If you are an immigrant, we understand what a toll it takes to go through the job search process. Job search anxiety can be real and grueling, especially if you are also trying to make it on your own or manage family and life in a different country.

So to make the process easier, we at autechjobs offer features where you can find job descriptions summarized to save time. You can save your favorite jobs easily and apply for them later. You can also pick jobs based on companies are currently sponsoring work visas for a particular position.

Employee Referral:

Before you apply for your dream role, consider connecting with existing employees within the organization or someone from your network who might be able to refer you to that position.

Referrals are a big deal and for good reason. As a referred candidate you drastically improve your chances of an interview while the employee who refers you gets a bonus. Not to mention, it makes it easier for the organization to place their trust in you than a complete stranger.

You can use social media connections using sites like LinkedIn to search for a connection. It could be an Alumni or someone from your network of friends and family that could help you get a referral in the company you are interested in.

To learn more about how you can get a referral, Check out this article on how employee referrals can improve your chances of getting a job.


Once you have started with the job application process, it helps if you pay attention in your resume to ensure that:

  1. Your resume reflects the best of your experience, relevant to the job you are applying.
  2. Your resume is written in flawless English with no grammatical errors.
  3. You have written your experiences in a concise manner to make a solid tech resume. These are basic tips that will help you keep a polished resume. You can also consult professionals for building a quality resume, or check these links out:

Cover Letter:

Depending on the type of tech company you apply in, you might be asked to include a cover letter. A few things to consider while writing an impactful cover letter are:

  1. An easy to read cover letter is always pleasant and effective.
  2. A cover letter should highlight your strengths, abilities in some way.
  3. Shows your interest and eligibility for the vacant position.

It is best that you limit your cover letter from around 250- 300 words while maintaining the integrity of the experiences that you have mentioned. For more examples, you can refer to templates here.


It goes without saying that preparation is key during any tech interview. You are going to be judged on your skills and abilities within a very short span of time and you need to best represent yourself within that timeframe.

As a foreigner, you want to set the right tone when you are meeting your interviewer since they might have preconceived impressions about you.

Getting to the venue smartly dressed and at least 15 minutes before the time are basic yet essential tips that help in creating a good first impression.

There are ways in which you can answer common questions that will ease what could be a stressful, nervous, and intimidating experience. Here are some helpful articles:


One great way to acclimatize and learn about the ways of a new country is to learn about their culture. Australia is a wonderfully diverse country and varying communities. This brings in a wonderful blend of unique cultures and lifestyles in the country.

Whether it’s making the most of the coastline or their love for outdoor adventures, familiarize and make yourself aware so that you are no stranger to the ways of life,in the Aussie style. If you want to make Australia your new home, it would help you open up new possibilities and experience if you learn their perspective of life.

Once you begin to start with these initial steps, you should be able to get the ball rolling for your job search. It can be a long process and a daunting one too. But patience and timely actions can help you make this process hassle free. To begin your search for tech jobs in australia visit