Have you been waiting long to hear from companies you have applied to? Chances are that the company might have hired a referred candidate. With skyrocketing competition added with COVID related job insecurities, it may not be wise to rely just on your resume. Luckily, Employee Referrals have come to the rescue for many job seekers in such situations. Learn why and how employee referrals can effectively improve your chances of getting a job.

What is an Employee Referral ?

When someone recommends you to the hiring manager for a vacant job position, you have a referral. Employee Referrals are usually made by an active employee of the organization you are interested in. When employees refer a candidate from their pool of networks, it adds an organic advantage for the hiring manager. With employee referral, you become a candidate that is internally pre-screened by your connection. You are trusted to represent the company's values and ethos. So, this edge skyrockets the chance of you getting through the interview and landing the job.

Why should you get an Employee Referral ?

Employee referrals could be your best way into your dream job. Referrals can skip the process of your resume going through the ATS and get it into human hands of the recruiter. If you have a strong recruiter, someone who can really vouch for you, it might get you directly into the interview. This makes the hiring process faster for you, works in your favor in comparison to an otherwise tedious hiring process that may not be quite effective for you.

Referrals have become very relevant in recent times.According to a 2015 Recruiter Nation Survey, in the United States, they found that 78% of the time, managers were hiring on the basis of referrals. Even if 5 years later, there was a 2% increase, the chance of being hired would go to 80% in 2020. You can imagine how important employee referrals have now become, as they increase the odds in your favor.

In another article by Marc Miller on Employee Referrals, he writes about a presentation by Gerry Crispin, co-founder of Talent Board, who shared staggering statistics for chances of getting a job based on employee referral.

According to his research, we assume 180 participants were applying for a position and 4 additional candidates have been referred. Companies then eventually take around 5 candidates for an interview out of which 2 are referrals. You have a 25% chance of an interview just by being a referral candidate. That's how drastically it cuts your competition and increases your chances of getting hired.

Why are Employee Referral Programs effective?

Companies want to hire someone who they feel like they can trust, or someone they can vouch for over a stranger. The best way for them to make this connection is through their own employees who may know someone to do the job well and trust them. This is something a resume cannot portray by itself and has to be developed through human connection.Being referred for a job makes you have something in common with the person hiring you.Therefore many companies have begun to use the Employee Referral program to fulfill this purpose.

Employee Referral programs work effectively because they create a win - win situation for both employer and employee. It is an efficient way through which companies can channel employee networks to scout the right skills and a trusted person for the job . Meanwhile referred candidates dramatically improve their chances of getting hired.

Research shows that employees who have joined companies from referrals tend to be happier and stay longer in their jobs.For example, Serco Asia Pacific, one of the significant government service delivery providers in Australia was named winner of the Best Recruitment Campaign award .They had a massive organization growth resulting in the appointments of over 3000 strong staff during that year.

The Chief Human Resources Officer Julie Carroll said, “We know that people referred to Serco by members of our existing team make for some of our best employees.” Like Serco, a lot of companies now depend on employee referrals to strengthen their staff base.

Working around the Employee Referral Bonus

When an employee refers you for a job, he /she is generally liable for a bonus, should you get hired by this company. Usually tech companies in Australia pay around 2k- 5k to their employee for referring someone. This also depends on company conditions under which an active employee may be eligible for said bonus.

For most tech companies in Australia, employees are eligible for a bonus only if they recommend someone before the candidate has applied for the job.This means that ideally you reach out to your connection before you apply. Otherwise they may not be eligible for a bonus if you are recommended after you have posted your job application. It is therefore important as a job seeker that you keep these guidelines in mind, so your application is placed in alignment with their company’s referral program requirements.

How do you get an Employee referral?

Finding the right connection for your job will take diligent work from your end. Not only does it emphasize on networking but also directs your focus towards building meaningful connections. You will need to learn how to find the right network, how to connect and how to maintain longevity in your relationships. More often than not, you will find that connections can be built through your own colleagues and business groups.

  • Use LinkedIn and other social media: If you are someone who is eyeing a dream company to work for, you can use the company website,Linkedin or someone you know to learn more about people who work there.
  • Second and third connections on Linkedin: You may have a 2nd or 3rd connection on LinkedIn who can introduce you to the right person through their network.
  • Establish strong connections with existing network: Engage in meaningful relationships with your network of people. You can request that they keep an eye out for opportunities that align with your skillset. Chances are they might be interested to help you. They may deny and thats totally okay. Communicate in a way that allows them the space to say No.
  • Friends and Family support: Ask family members if they might just know someone related to the organization you want to work for.
  • Improve online visibility: Get your resume and profile on online platforms and social networks so it's easier for people to find you.
  • Participate and volunteer: Find current projects related to your skills online or offline and offer your services.This way you can connect to a network of professionals who are into the same field as you. It gives you an opportunity to learn and connect with new people.

Next steps

Once connected with the right people, you can strengthen and greatly increase your chances of interview or being hired by getting a referral.

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