There are only two months remaining in 2020 now. Many industries have frozen hiring owing to the pandemic. But thanks to the change in workspaces and the constant need to keep technology updated, tech jobs have been on the rise. Keeping yourself updated on the most in-demand tech jobs will help you choose skills that you could refine or learn. This will be beneficial in increasing your demand as a candidate and make you relevant for the job.

In this article, we have created a list of 3 most in-demand tech jobs right now. This list is based on statistics from current tech job vacancies at ATJ.

1. Software Engineering:

Software engineering is number one on our list. This is one job that has consistently been on the rise and seems like its end is nowhere near. According to a study by Indeed hiring lab 2018, .net developers, front-end developers, and software engineers were highest on-demand and accounted for one-fifth of all tech roles.

Companies are constantly emerging with new technologies. They need to be regularly updated so they meet the expected user experience. Thanks to software engineers, we have improved system qualities and enhanced applications. Apart from these roles, they work in collaboration with teams to support, implement, and design software solutions.

2. Product/Project Management:

Project management jobs land at number two for most in-demand. As new products and trends are emerging, the role of a project manager is becoming relevant now than ever before. Project managers have multiple responsibilities that cater to all the phases of a product’s life cycle.

They are accountable for their entire team, the scope of the project, and its success or failure. They have the necessary technical skills to carry out these tasks which place them as strategic partners that drive company success.

According to the latest PMI commissioned talent gap analysis, by 2027 we would be looking at vacancies for 88 million project management roles. 75% of those roles are expected to be filled by foreign talent, especially from China and India. Overall, this job is expected to grow by 33% over the next few years. This is definitely a job that's here to stay.

3. Engineering:

Jobs such as Network Engineering and Cloud engineering are in high demand as more and systems and organizations are shifting to cloud-based solutions.

In its bi-annual report called Hays Job report for Jan- June 2020, Hays, a world-renowned leading recruiting agency, has mentioned both Cloud and NEtwork engineering in its top 5 most in-demand tech jobs in Australia. Going by this statistic, we can predict a higher demand in 2021. As further explained in an article by Leon Spencer (ARN), trends also show that more companies are shifting from physical data centers to cloud. For now, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure remain the two most popular tech services in this area. Google’s cloud platform is gaining a significant lead. Network Engineers who are knowledgeable about these top providers of cloud solutions are also highly in demand, according to the report.

Technologies change rapidly as the dynamics of how we work, how organizations function are constantly changing. But these tech jobs are valued enough to be on-demand for 2021. Organizations increasingly look upon these roles as a base on which their technical functionalities can operate.

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